Friday, September 2, 2016

RD #3 - SGC Moose Mountain HS Sep 3-4 2016 - sponsored by Pro-Action Suspension

RD #3 - SGC Moose Mountain HS Sep 3-4 2016
sponsored by Pro-Action Suspension
Fallen Timber South Campground

Key information:

Location: Fallen Timber South Campground GOOGLE MAP

  • Friday Night 8PM, Saturday & Sunday at 8AM
  • Day Use area at bottom of campground
  • CMA license only $40 effective Sep 1 2016
  • HELMETS MANDATORY for installation of RFID transponder $5 mandatory fee
  • Orange wristband for anyone riding a motorcycle in conjunction with event
  • Have your registration and insurance on your person at all times while riding
  • Bring you CMA license 
Check/Finish line area:
  • No Helmet Zone around the scanner and tent areas
  • If you need to speak with official, please remove helmet before stepping into check area
  • Gas Check is after the tent
Fish and Wildlife has assigned 2 wardens to our race to ensure we do NOT cross any creeks as September 1st is fish spawning time.  They will be enforcing any individuals riding the roads, creeks etc.  Regardless of the orange wristband, they will be looking for proof of registration and insurance.  They ride motorcycles.  They would like to make an example of our club and community.  Anyone riding without registration and insurance makes us all look bad.  While our event is insured through CMA, the special event permit states that all off-road motorcycles must be registered and insured.

Here's some info on why we have all seen an increased patrol in the area.

  • A Loop  Pro, Expert,30A, 40A (Vet Expert), Super Vet, Intermediate, Women Expert 2 HOUR RACE
  • B Loop  30B, 40B, Legends, Novice, Women 2 HOUR RACE
  • B Loop Sportsman, Super Sportsman, Youth Master ONE HOUR RACE
  • C Loop Club Ladies and Ladies Advanced  ONE HOUR RACE

CMA Competition License Required for CMA (Saturday AM)
Entry $45, Pro payout to 5th, Trophies to 3rd place
Have your CMA license with you. Arrive early if you need to apply for discounted 2016 CMA Annual Competition License ($40) print and fill out:

Club events

SGC membership $30 annuallyEntry $30  (Saturday classes)
Sunday (Closed-to-Club Series)(competition license NOT required):REGISTRATION: 8AM-9:30 AM  onsite.
If you have pre-registered, you will need to sign-in (proof that you are physically at the race) and pay.  Kids MUST sign participant waiver, parents will need to sign Parental Waiver. Print, fill out and bring with you to event. 
Trophies to ALL kids.
Entry Fee (Closed-to-Club):  Kids $25
Annual SGC membership can be annual renewed onsite.  $30/family. (Rocky Mountain House Motorcycle Club, Windermere Valley Dirt Riders and Ghost Riders Club memberships honoured)

8:00-930am SIGN IN
Pee Wee (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Advance (Pee Wee Course) - 1/2 hour West side Meadow
Pee Wee Expert (special course) - 3/4 hour
Youth Novice, Youth Intermediate - 1 hour
Youth Expert - 1 1/2 hour

BBQ, Prizes & Awards: 3:00PM

Sponsors:  Pro-Action Suspension, CMP Automotive, YB Quality Meats, Baumann Hoe & Bobcat, Cycleworks, Blackfoot Direct

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Second Gear Club News Release - September 1, 2016

Big changes for the remaining two races which are part of the 2016 CMA Alberta Hare Scramble Championship (AHSC) and SGC Hare Scramble Series. 
We are proud to announce that the Club has purchased a new scorekeeping/timing system from Moto-Tally.  Funds from the Blackfoot Direct Husqvarna Raffle were used to acquire the new scanning equipment. 

Exciting features to this new system from Moto-Tally include that it;

  • Specializes in hare scrambles/cross-country/enduro/ISDE qualifiers, hare and hound events
  • Uses RFID/transponders (non-powered)
  • Provides onsite scoreboard for spectators with rolling live results by class at check/finish-line
  • Provides racer display advising class, current position and time between you and racer ahead in your class
  • Provides quick site registration with an easy swipe of your helmet once you have been set up with RFID
  • Handles race bike number reservation (note that for this year, we’ll use current barcode numbers)
  • Provides additional sponsor field that will appear on results listings beside your name and position

This system will be a huge time saver administratively with;

  • Online Pre-registration that is automatically downloaded to race database (hopefully available for Bow Ridge Challenge Hare Scramble, Wildhorse)
  • Results that can be uploaded and posted immediately as soon as internet can be accessed.
Registration on site for Sep 3-4 Moose Mountain HS sponsored by Pro-Action Suspension.  Race information for all participants in 2016 CMA HS events has been upload to new database.   BRING YOUR HELMET . We are in a bit of a learning curve and will do our very best for a smooth transfer.
Second Gear Club would like to take this time to thank Monty Brown (Ghost Riders Club) for providing the scoring system that the Second Gear Club has utilized for several years and to Mitchell Brown for his valued participation for the setup and execution.
Mitchell has been an outstanding asset to the club in all aspects of race setup and organization.  We wish him all the best as he moves forward in his future endeavors.
See you all at the races!  Detailed information for this weekend’s race will be posted later today.
Siggi Pechout, President