Friday, October 20, 2017

SGC AGM/Executive Elections Saturday, Oct 21 2017

RE:  Second Gear Club Annual General Meeting – Part 1
Location: Austrian Canadian Cultural Centre 3112 11 St NE, Calgary -
When: Oct 21 - 6:30PM - lower level meeting room (enter thru main doors and then head downstairs)
SGC Members ONLY Meeting
  1. New Executive Nominations and Elections
    1. Positions for nominations:
      1. President
      2. Vice President
      3. Secretary/Treasurer/e-Director
      4. Race Director (role to be shared with Co-Race Director
      5. Co-Race Director
    2. Nominations can be emailed prior to event to
    3. Proxy votes can be sent in PRIOR to meeting via email
    4. Nominees MUST be in attendance
  2. Subsequent Meeting Date to be scheduled with new Executive to discuss the following:
    1. Review of duties from Old Executive to New
    2. Race/Event calendar 2018
  3. Action items

This meeting should be relatively short with hopes that those driving in from outside of Calgary will have time to drive home after the meeting.

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