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We are a Non-Profit off-road Motorcycle Club who has been putting on races and events in Alberta for Over 20 Years. We have an amazing core group of volunteers and sponsors who help us put on amazing races and events year round

How Many races a year?

SGC Puts on 4-5 Offroad races a year, 5 oval Ice Races and at least 5 Trials events Across Alberta. We also host riding clinics  and offer demos at events.

What sanctioning body do you run under?

We run under the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA)

Is there a year end Banquet?

Absolutely! We have a year end banquet the weekend after Halloween at the Austrian Club in Calgary, Alberta. We have prizes, games, awards, auctions and a great dinner with desserts. Every year we try and do something different to keep things interesting.

Who sponsors SGC

Every season is different for sponsors. Our core sponsors are MRSI, Bauman Hoe & Bobcat, YB Meets, Walt Healy, Turple Bros, and Receptly our New series sponsor SG Surveying. We have had amazing sponsors such as Finning, Rockstar Energy Drink, Red Bull, and many film crews. If you know of anyone who may want to sponsor please have them email info@secondgearclub.com. RACE INFO

When are Races?

 Ice races in the months of February & March.  Offroad races bascially 1 per month June to September.  Trials events April - September

Where are the races?

Hunter Valley/Fallen Timber (Waiparous) - http://bit.ly/huntervalleyracedirections>/a> Mountain Air Lodge Wild Horse (Sundre) - http://bit.ly/wild-horse-directions Rocky Mountain House Coulee Springs (Strathmore) - http://www.csmxranch.com/

Can my trailer make it to the race site?

All of our race sites are accessible with the largest toy hauler you can buy! No hookups are available and cell signal is usually not existent (we have emergency Satellite Phones and boosters at all race sites.

What membership or License is Required?

A CMA Competition license is required for Saturday main race 2 Hour Race. Cost is $75 for a yearly an annualmembership.

What time should I show up?

Please be at the race site and sign in by no later than 10AM. Riders meeting start at 1030AM SHARP.

When does my class race?

ALL classes have riders meeting at 10:30AM. CMA Classes (Groups A and B) Race after Riders Meeting
Group C (Sportsman, Club Ladies, Mini Senior, Youth Expert/Master will race after the MAIN CMA race is done, Around 2PM

Club Peewee classes and Youth Novice/Intermediate Classes race SUNDAY

How much is it to race?

Entry per class is $45.  Payback for Pro class.  Often we have sponsors to add to this payback that is split out to top 5 racers at each race.
Additionally you may donate $20 for a specific bar-code of your liking if it is available.

I have a Rocky Mountain House Membership, will you honor it for CLUB SGC races?

We will honor RMH memberships for club classes. This means you can race Sportsman, Ladies or Youth Classes with that membership.

Do you offer a day license?

No sorry we do not offer a day license for racing CMA races.

What are race fees applied to?

Race fees help organizers put on a fun and successful race, covering costs such as fuel, insurance, medics, portable washrooms, race scoring equipment and prizes. Fees also help SGC pay for online subscriptions for photo hosting (we have free high resolution photos from every race!) and our website which handles online registrations, Some races we also have large party tents so racers can be in the cover under bad weather and we always will have a free BBQ after every race so riders can fuel up after a gruelling ride!

Do I need proper number plates?

SGC does not require number plate for any of its classes (we use numbers on helmets and Class Stickers on the back of the helmets). If you wish you can run CMRC colour scheme such as Black on Yelow for Intermediate or Green Backgrounds for Veteran Classes.

What class should I race?

Depending on how long you have been riding or racing, bike size, age and your sill skill level, we have many options for you. We will put you in a class where you will feel best suited. If you are too fast on your first race  we may bump you up to the next skill level to keep things fair!  You can move into an age class at any time.  If you raced at an Intermediate level or higher, you automatically are moved into Vet Expert.

Expert & Pro minimum 15 on day of race
Intermediate minimum 13 on day of race
Novice minimum 13 on day of race
Women minimum 13 on day of race
Veteran minimum 39+ (must be 39 as of January 1st)
 Vet Expert minimum 39+ (must be 39 as of January 1st)
Super Veteran minimum 49+ (must be 39 as of January 1st)
Legends minimum 59+ (must be 39 as of January 1st)

Note that Novice, Intermediate, Expert are advancing classes. 
CMA will notify you in November if you have been advanced for the upcoming season. 
Veteran class is an optional advancing class.  CMA will recommend advancement, but it is your choice if you are comfortable to move up to Vet Expert or not.  You MUST notify CMA prior to January 1st if you decide to stay in Veteran.

What time is Riders Meeting?

Riders meeting is 1030AM, Sign in ENDS at 10:00AM. Please show up about 30 min BEFORE ridings meeting

What is starting Order?


How long is the race?

Races are 2 hours long. Some races will have an “A” Class at 2.5 hours long. This is because the “B” group are a little bit slower and the A's can get another lap in while the B's are still trickling in at cutoff.  Depending on the race, logistically, we sometimes have separate loops for A’s and B’s.  This will be explained in detail at riders meeting.

How long are the loops?

Hare Scramble is normally a loop of 10-25KM in length and raced for a duration of 2-3 hours.    Depending on location/terrain, there may be separate loops for A and B groups.
A Cross Country is a long distance event consisting of one or more loops.  Distance of each repetitive loop 25-56kms with a total distance of as much as 100kms.  Often one of the loops is more challenging and may be restricted to advanced level classes.  There may also be cutoff times in order to safely have all riders finished at a reasonable time.  You can expect to be racing for a least 3 hours, but there isn’t an official finish time.

Cross-Country’s are making a comeback and was the historical form of offroad racing.  Don’t worry, there will be remote gas checks! 

Will my MX tank make 1 lap?

Every race (excluding Cross Country's) will allow you to do 1 full lap on a tank of gas and have some left over. At every race we will tell you the distance of the course so you can gauge your fuel. If you are upside down most of the race you may not have enough...  Gas checks are always after the scoring check area.  For Cross Country’s, remote gas checks will also be available.

What equipment do I require?

We require all CMA racers to have :
SNELL 2010 or ECE-2205 or other equivalent helmet.
Proper riding boots above the calve
Chest/Roost Protector
Riding Pants
Spare Gas
Camel Back (recommended)

Can I Pre-Ride the course prior to race day?

Pre-Riding is highly frowned upon and creates an advantage against other riders and racers who are unable to pre-ride or site lap the course.
Some sections may be close to each other and a course cut or shortening can be achieved. If a course Marshall or sweeper finds that a rider has cut course or taken a highly advantageous line no other riders are taking, they may be docked or disqualified.

Is there a parade or site lap?

We opt out of a parade lap to save a lot of time before the race, sometimes parade laps may take 1-2 hours depending on slower riders. CSMX or shorter MX style courses will have a parade lap.

I am ready to race, How do i follow the course?

The course is marked with PINK or ORANGE ribbon along the entire course, usually always within sight while on the PROPER trail, keep in mind you are most likely to cross other trails that seem like the proper way, but there may be a turn or the trail may veer left or right, or even be completely virgin or new!
PINK combined with BLUE Mean Indicate a TURN is about to happen, on the THIRD pink blue you will be turning on that SIDE. Ribbons ALWAYS will be knocked down by a rider while are hitting them while riding, keep your eyes open, NEVER follow a rider! They may be going the wrong way, and you could miss a vital passing opportunity.
WRONG WAY will be positioned in some locations.  Turn around.
RED or YELLOW mean a HAZARD, or ROAD crossing is at the flags or coming up, SLOW DOWN, look twice, and judge your ability for the obstacle. By slowing down you will allow riders behind you to understand something slow is coming up.

I have a rider coming up on me pretty fast, what should I do?

While we always want you keep racing, we also do not want you to hold up a faster rider, doing so may injure yourself or them. If they are in your class please use your discretion, usually its easier to follow a faster rider and benefit from their bad line choice or lay down! Race safe, pass safe. SAY THANKS! It goes a long way.

How am I scored?

We use a Bar code scoring system that is scanned at a check in less than 2 seconds. Your Race number, Position and Time Behind the racer in front of you in your class will appear on an LED sign.

Do I need a transponder?

No, we use free bar codes placed on the lower left jaw.

Do I need insurance or my bike registered?

If you are riding on crown land, you must have insurance and registration.  During the race, there is an equipment exemption that permits you to race without headlight and taillight.  while not racing you will require proper lights, registration and insurance.

Can I make money while racing?

The PRO class has a payout purse, all other classes usually are just a trophy and prizes, however some organizers may have payout.

When are awards?

We try and have awards 1-2 hours after the FINISH time of the last race of the day. While you may have just come in at the cutoff at 1PM, there are always riders still out on course than that will take 45min or so to come back threw the check. We strive for an early start time so we can have awards at an earlier time.  Be sure to enjoy the free BBQ while you are waiting.

When are results posted?

Thanks to MRSI and Monty Brown, we now have LIVE scoring! What does this mean? As soon as you get a scan at the check you will see your Rider Number, Position and Time behind another racer in your class ahead of you. While results are live and instant, When we post them there is a 1 hour 30 minute Protest time for riders and organizers to double check results to make sure they are accurate and correct. If you see an issue please see a timekeeping official at the race to look into your result.

My finish time says its under 2 hours, whats up with that?

Your start time is based on the PRO start time, for example with an 11:00am start time. If you are in the novice class you will be the 6th class to leave the start, With a 1 Minute start gap per class, you will have 6 minuets less of racing.

My lap times look funny or I am missing a lap?

Lap times are electronically recorded to the millisecond. But we are only human and being roosted while scoring you! We absolutely can miss a lap, and want to catch it as soon as possible so we can fix the results for you, we know you don’t want your buddy to beat you! Please let us know and we will look at your results right away and figure it out.

I want to sponsor or Know someone who wants to sponsor, where do I start?

We are always wanting new sponsors to be apart of our race series! please email info@secondgearclub.com and let us know what you are interested in sponsoring. We are always looking for free giveaways for races!